Cherry Tomato Assortment (pack of 3)

Cherry Tomato Assortment (pack of 3)

A Trio of Yummy Cherries!

If you haven't grown cherry tomatoes yet, you're in for a treat! Those rock-hard superballs in the grocery store -- usually entirely lacking in flavor! -- bear little resemblance to the swete, succulent varieties you can grow in your own backyard. Cherry tomatoes are big producers, making them popular with everyone. And in this collection, you get 3 plants -- 1 each of three of the absolute sweetest varieties, just ideal for snacking on as you work in the garden! Here's more about our three favorite sweet cherries:

Supersweet 100 - Indeterminate. High yields of ultra-sweet 1-inch-diameter fruits on plants that stand up to verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt race 1. Easy to grow, even for first-time tomato gardeners!

Juliet - Indeterminate. An AAS winner from 1999 that remains a popular favorite, this very heavy-bearing plant sets masses of rather large, grape-like tomatoes. Nearly as big as Romas, they are more properly saladettes, with a rich, meaty flavor and plenty of juice.

Sugar Rush - Indeterminate. Outscoring every other tomato in its class on the Brix sugar scale, this crunchy, ultra-sweet grape is the taste test winner every time. The fruit is dewdrop shaped, as if it can't decide whether to be a cherry or a grape. Big yields on easy-to-grow plants that keep going all season!

Order your cherry tomato plants today, and within just a few weeks you'll be watching the first delicious fruits turn from green to red. We predict that this collection will make cherry tomatoes a regular part of your garden every season from now on! Pack of three plants, grown in big 4-inch pots.