Chickadee Bird Bath

Chickadee Bird Bath

Made in the USA!

natural, hand-painted
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This hand-painted birdbath is crafted from durable clay for years of use in the elements. Beautifully crafted with scenes of nature -- and very practical, with its wide, shallow bath that birds love -- it will become a focal point in any setting!

Decorated with a scene of chickadees perched on leafy stems, this birdbath stands nearly 22 inches high, with a round shallow bowl 17 inches in diameter. Add tiny pebbles to give the birds a foothold in the water, if you like, or colored glass to reflect the sun's rays back from the bath. The natural gray stone-look and pleasing garden design of this birdbath help it integrate effortlessly into the landscape!

The Chickadee Bird Bath will attract your feathered friends to stop by and relax! Get the camera ready and enjoy this haven for wildlife. Made in the USA.