Childs Play Combination (pack of 6)

Child's Play Combination (pack of 6)

All the colors of the rainbow are represented in this breath-taking mix of plants! Well, all the colors you can expect from foliage! The Child's Play Combination includes 6 plants, 1 each of: Hedera Golden Child (English Ivy), Alocasia Green, Alocasia Striped, Coleus Vino, and Syngonium 'Holly M' (also known as Syngonium 'Moonshine') and a fern. The leaves vary from sheer white, pale green, deep green, red, to deep purple and their various shapes and textures do well to complement each other. You won't be disappointed six the impressive display this combination creates! Each pot contains 1 plant. Contains three 4-inch pots.
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