Chinese Wild Ginger

Chinese Wild Ginger

Bold purple blooms complete the show!

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A splendidly easy, endlessly colorful groundcover for partial to full shade! This Chinese Wild Ginger grows lovely heart-shaped bluish-white-spotted leaves and small three-sided lavender flowers. Give it moist, fairly rich soil and it will do the rest, regaling you with spring flowers and tri-colored foliage from spring through fall -- and even in winter in warmer areas!

Evergreen to 10 degrees F, this large, heart-shaped foliage is a stunning tropical accent for any partly-shaded spot. The base color is deep green, but it's generously overlaid with gray and silver accents, so that it always looks freshly-watered and glints in the dappled sunlight!

Just a foot high, Chinese Ginger spreads by underground rhizomes, so give it room to take off, and within a few seasons you'll have a thriving colony of lush foliage!

But the foliage isn't the only merit of this plant. In spring it sets masses of 2-inch blooms of dark, rich purple. The blooms really stand out in the garden!

Once established, this Ginger will put up with just about anything except drought. Find a place in damp soil and let it set up housekeeping! In northern winters, give it some protection from chilling winds; in southern summers, give it more shade. 1 Quart container. Zones 5 to 9.