Seasons Seed Greetings Ornaments

Season's Seed Greetings Ornaments

Three Delicious Treats for Your Outdoor Feathered Friends!

Set of 3
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These Christmas Birdseed Ornaments are just as useful as they are adorable. Perfect for all of your bird-loving friends, this trio will bring on all of the birds! They will appreciate the feast in these barren winter months. The trio comes with a snowman, a Christmas tree, and a stocking.

These ornaments are packed with protein, feeding you feathered friends until they fly south for the winter! Hand it near a window, on a tree outside or keep them as a décor piece inside. They are Christmas ornaments, so they look fabulous hanging from a tree! Each ornament is about 4 inches high, so it's visible from across the garden, and the birds won't miss out on the feast.

Not only are these ornaments adorable, but they're also super nutritious! Packed with top-quality birdseed, they are also decorated with juniper and cranberries. Tons of varieties of birds will flock to feast on these beauties.