Wonderful White Amaryllis Bulbs

Wonderful White Amaryllis Bulbs

I'm Dreaming of a White Amaryllis

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Blooms as bright and dazzling as the winter's first snow! This cheerful variety offers plush white blooms with just the lightest trace of purple or blue accents. A truly lovely gift that they will look on fondly for years to come!

This 3-pack of bulbs is an easy, affordable way to add beauty to anyone's holiday home. Simply plant them in a well-draining medium and place them in a sunny, warm spot to grow. Once the 6-to-10 inch blooms make their grand entrance, place the plant in a cooler spot away from sunlight to preserve the blooms as long as possible. Expect blooms in just 7 to 10 weeks.

With the proper care, you can let your Amaryllis go dormant and pull it back out every year for another encore of incredible white blooms! A truly spectacular gift! Zones 9-11.