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Narcissus Citrus Splash Mix

Narcissus Citrus Splash Mix

Pack of 20 colorful bulbs!

Pack of 20
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Create a season-long daffodil display with Citrus Splash Mix, a fantastic collection of the most colorful and varied varieties in the family! If you want to plant a varied, bright, and long-lasting daffodil display that far exceeds the usual white and yellow varieties, Citrus Splash is the mix you must try this fall!

Hard-to-find reds, rich oranges, and lovely bicolors in all sizes and bloom times characterize Citrus Splash Mix. You will find fragrant varieties, fanciful patterns, large trumpets, and butter-and-sugar blends here -- all the best and most unusual! Eager to naturalize in any sunny, well-drained garden soil, and also quite suitable for containers and cutting, Citrus Splash is a premium mix you will not find elsewhere.

The varieties in this collection bloom at varying times and reach various heights from about 12 to 16 inches high, 6 to 8 inches wide (although they can be planted much closer together, especially in containers), and to flower in early to mid-spring, depending on your climate. Most are bicolors, and all are top-quality, fresh, Dutch-grown bulbs. There's just no way to lose with this fabulous blend!

Left alone by deer, rabbits, voles, and other nibblers -- the bulbs are poisonous, and animals know it! -- and diseases, daffodils need no attention beyond a good deep planting in well-drained soil. After flowering, let the stems remain in the garden until they turn brown and fall over. During this post-flowering period, the bulb is actually storing all the nutrients it needs for another season of beauty. You may want to interplant your daffodils with daylilies, irises, or other perennials to offer another season of color.

Add this low maintenance display to the garden this season! Five bulbs per square foot results in a dense, beautiful planting; space farther apart if your goal is long-term naturalization of a larger area. Zones 3-8. Pack of 20 bulbs.