Citrus Fruit Trees

Fragrant blossoms and flavorful fruit

Citrus trees are valued not only for their delicious fruits but also for their ornamental beauty. They fit perfectly into almost any landscape and are always welcome additions in edible gardens. Whether you grow lemons, limes, or oranges, these trees offer handsome foliage and masses of showy citrus-scented blossoms followed by fresh, colorful fruits. Since citrus trees are so attractive, they make excellent accent and specimen plants, and they create an especially charming display when espaliered against a courtyard wall.

Citrus trees are quite versatile. In the warm regions of the South, they grow easily; but in colder regions, they can be grown in containers, pruned to maintain any desired size and shape, and moved indoors at the first sign of frost. So, there really is no reason to forego the pleasures citrus trees afford.