Clear Hummingbird Nectar

Clear Hummingbird Nectar

No Boiling, No Dyes -- Just Pure Nectar!

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Bring every hummingbird in the neighborhood to your feeder with this quick and easy nectar concentrate. This 8-ounce package mixes with tap water to create 48 ounces of 100% sucrose without boiling, straining, or refrigerating. It's just what those hungry hummers want!

Some hummingbird nectar mixes contain red dye or artificial sweeteners, but not this one. It has nothing but the pure goodness hummingbirds need to continue their incredible flights. The sucrose used in this mix is very finely ground, so it dissolves completely upon contact with water. So easy!

Offer this nectar all summer long, refilling your container every two weeks or so (or more frequently in high heat). Once the neighborhood hummingbirds have found your feeder, they will be constant visitors all season long!