Cleopatra Organic Oregano Seeds

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
Item #52951-PK-P1


A mildly spicy peppermint flavor and ornamental value

Days to Maturity: 100 direct sow; 30 transplant

All-America Selections (AAS) Winner 2015

An organic variety, Cleopatra Oregano is an aromatic herb in the mint family, grown for culinary, crafting, and ornamental purposes. Cleopatra Organic Oregano is a highly popular herb with a distinct mildly spicy peppermint flavor. It is used fresh or dried to season soups, sauces, vegetables, and meat dishes. The leaves are also used in potpourris and crafts.

An Origanum syriacum variety, commonly called Syrian oregano, zaatar, or Bible hyssop, Cleopatra Organic Oregano is a member of the Lamiacea family, which includes highly fragrant plants that secrete essential oils. Cleopatra Organic Oregano is an herbaceous tender perennial (Zones 9-10), typically grown as an annual. The plant has a compact, low growing, spreading, and trailing habit dense with tiny, rounded, silver-green leaves that are highly aromatic. Tiny pale pink flowers bloom in mid to late summer. Pinching or pruning back stems before flowers appear will encourage denser, bushier growth. The plant works well when massed in beds and borders but is also suitable for patio pots, widow boxes, and even hanging baskets.

Oregano is easy to grow from seed, growing best in locations with full sun and average, medium to dry, gritty sandy loams. Good drainage is extremely important because the roots will rot in saturated, poorly drained soils. Plants are heat and drought tolerant.

Direct sow oregano seed about two weeks after the last frost or start seeds indoors about 5 weeks prior to the last frost date and transplant in the garden after all threat of frost has passed and temperatures range between 60° and 70°F.

If you plan to start your seeds indoors, be sure to check out our Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit. With the Bio Dome, you can control the temperature, light, and soil mix to ensure your seeds become strong for transplant.


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Genus Origanum
Species heracleoticum
Variety Cleopatra
Item Form (P) Pkt of 100 seeds
Days to Maturity 100
Seeds Per Pack 100
Plant Height 5 in - 6 in
Plant Width 9 in - 10 in
Additional Characteristics Herbs, Award Winner, Edible
Foliage Color Silver/Gray
Light Requirements Full Sun
Resistance Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant
Uses Containers, Cuisine

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