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Here's what you get:
America's favorite seed-starting system and our bestselling product of all time! Even if you've never gardened before, you can be successful with this temperature-controlled system consisting of a bottom watering tray, a clear humidity dome with adjustable ventilation holes, a Styrofoam planting tray with 60 drilled holes, and 120 planting plugs called "bio sponges," complete with pre-drilled holes. Refill bio sponges are readily available here at Park and very reasonably priced. All you do is drop one seed into each sponge, fill the base of the tray with water and fertilizer, and wait for those green sprouts! At transplant time, simply pop out the sponge and plant the whole thing into the ground or pot.
Our customers' favorite Zinnias! Tall, well-branched annual plants set double-flowered, Dahlia-style blooms in 12 brilliant colors. Superb for cutting, they reach 4 to 5 inches wide and are butterfly magnets all summer long! So easy to grow. Pkt is 60 seeds.
A perennial that blooms the first year from seed started indoors in the Bio Dome! This All-America Selection (AAS) winner is a true breeding breakthrough, both for its first-year flowering and for its ability to rebloom without being deadheaded. Talk about low maintenance --! This is a selection of a native American species of Echinacea, very tolerant of heat, humidity, cold, poor soil, and drought. A pollinator magnet, it offers magnificent magenta-purple daisies with big amber cones. A joy in the sunny garden. Zones 3-9. Pkt is 10 seeds.
This double-flowered Windflower blooms in spring before most other perennials have woken up for the season, then repeats in fall! You get big 3- to 3 1/2-inch blooms of scarlet, blue, orchid, pearl, and white, just right for cutting and showstopping in the garden. Zones 5-9. Pkt is 10 seeds.
Ah, the richest red Geranium you will ever grow! This annual type (actually a Pelargonium or Crane's Bill) sets large, fragrant leaves and huge clusters of glowing red blooms all summer long. Very easy to grow, and even easier to take cuttings from in late summer so that you can enjoy another season of beauty next year, too! Pkt is 10 seeds.
When this series was re-introduced about a decade ago, it created a sensation. It's an updated version of an old Victorian series (the Victorians were wild about Coleus!) with a huge range of colors and leaf shapes. Now it's hard to find the individual Giant Exhibition varieties separately, so this economical mix is your best way to enjoy all 12 of these colorful annuals! Use them as houseplants or in the partly shaded garden. Very easy to grow! Pkt is 20 seeds.
Petunia Wave transformed the way we grow this annual forever, and the Shock Wave series lengthens the bloom time even more! Expect this quick-growing, sun-loving plant to begin flowering before spring is over, continue all summer, and go right into fall! The bright trumpet-shaped flowers are about 2 inches wide and so, so abundant. Perfect for baskets and flowerpots of all types! Pkt is 10 pelleted seeds (for easier sowing).
Far and away the most eyecatching Wheat Celosia ever grown, this annual regales you with olive-green foliage shot with crimson and ruby hues and topped by fire-engine-red plumes that last and last! A sun-lover that grows in a trice and keeps going over a long season, it will be the star of garden and container alike! Pkt is 10 seeds.
This perennial ornamental grass will astonish you. It quickly forms a rounded, cushion-shaped plant that looks elegant enough for formal settings, with long, slender, strappy dark green foliage. Then in late summer, pink plumes shoot up from all over the plant, filling the fall garden with brilliant color. Sometimes the blooms go right into winter, even as they fade to a bronzy tan. Wildlife love the seeds in the plumes, and you will enjoy cutting the stems for fresh or dried arrangements. Very easy in full sun! Zones 5-10. Pkt is 15 seeds.