Collections Itemized

Here's what you get:
65 days. These rich green leaves are packed with nutrients and has a good bolt resistance. This lettuce is very popular and has a delicious buttery texture. Pkt is 600 seeds.
45 days. This lettuce blend has some of the best lettuces in the bunch. First you have Butterhead, Loose-leaf, Crisphead, and Romaine. This blend is slow bolting, heat tolerant, and delicious! Pkt is 600 seeds.
45 days. This award winning lettuce is a favorite among gardners who prize beauty as well as flavor. Red sails received an AAS when it was introduced and has a long season of delectable eating. Large leaves are deep red at the ruffled tips and shade into a bronzy maroon before finally becoming green at the base. Pkt is 630 seeds.
60 days. Super Jericho takes the heat of the summer and gives a sweet and crisp texture in return! These light green leaves are resistant to tipburn and lettuce mosaic virus. Pkt is 200 seeds.
65 days. Our own hand-selected blend of the best! In this mix you get 4 loose-leaves, 1 butterhead (Boston) and 1 Romaine: Brunia, Simpson Elite, Green Ice, Buttercrunch, Sierra, and Red Sails. It's a collection within a collection! Pkt is 600 seeds.