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(70 or 80 days. Indeterminate) produces small, pear-shaped, bright yellow heirlooms that grow to between 1 and 2 inches in length when ripe. This enticing new tomato variety is desirable for its high yields of tasty, colorful fruit.
(68 days) is the standard for slicing cucumbers, with terrific disease resistance and great fruit shape.
(25 days) is a delightful little two-toned jewel for quick harvest, mild peppery bite, and terrific plate appeal.
(50 days) is so easy to grow you can sow the seeds successively every 2 weeks all spring, guaranteeing a big harvest over many months to come.
This seed produces an abundance of remarkable quality, uniformly shaped, 6- to 7-inch fruit that keep coming throughout the season.
This seed is the perfect basil for pesto. Basil is a great companion plant in the garden because it repels aphids, mites, and tomato hornworms.
(80 days. Indeterminate.) is an extraordinary beefsteak that is as packed with flavor as it is with rich dark color. These large, distinctive tomatoes are absolute tops for meaty texture and true tomato tang.
(68 days) produces vigorous plants that deliver big yields of crunchy, sugary peppers. It's easier, quicker, more generous, and more delicious than most others.