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Here's what you get:
Arriving fully assembled and ready to use, this tumbling composter is the easiest to use and most efficient we have found. It is constructed of 100% recycled materials (post-industrial polyethylene), is BPA-free, and includes aeration holes, a twist-off lid fully 1 foot in diameter, and a separate rolling chamber, so it can be removed from the base and rolled over to the desired garden spot. (No lifting, no spilling compost as you try to fill a bucket!) It measures 22" x 23.5" x30", weighs 27 pounds, and will last you many years. We love this composter!
The best for your countertop! The lid has air holes and can be fitted with a charcoal filter (2 are included) to minimize odor. The handle makes carrying it out to the compost tumber easier than ever, and the unit looks great sitting in the kitchen! Holds 1/2 gallon of kitchen scraps.
A great alternative to peat moss, this shredded coconut husk is an absorbable natural fiber that mixes well with the kitchen scraps and garden waste you add to your composter. Simply soak the bricks in water, let them sit in the sun to dry out, and then tear off a bit to add with green matter into your compost tumbler. The coco coir absorbs excess moisture in the tumber, preventing odors and aiding in good decomposition of all the composted materials. 1.5 pounds each.
Rich in the enzymes that jump-start decomposition, this non-toxic, fully biodegradable liquid is a must-have for the composter. Each package contains 12 applications, treating more than 24 cubic feet of compost.