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This includes a wrench, tongs, jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, bubble popper, and funnel. To this set we've added 24 round canning labels, just waiting for your handwritten identification of each jam, jelly, and pickle from the garden. Christmas gifts are going to be easy this year when the harvest comes in!
Subtitled 150 Recipes for Freezing, Canning, Drying, and Pickling Fruits and Vegetables, this how-to is far more than just a recipe book. It contains 348 pages of priceless information about canning everything, including common beginners' mistakes, measuring equivalents, and detailed information about exotic vinegars, chutneys, and other "advanced" recipes for pickling, drying, and freezing. Softcover.
A lovely wooden basket from a renowned British garden firm. Wide, shallow, and capacious, it features two folding handles and enough space to gather long-stemmed flowers for cutting, herbs, berries, fruits, and vegetables. As beautiful as it is functional, it's a piece of craftsmanship to be treasured as much as it used hard every day during harvest time! 21" W x 6" H (excluding handles)