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Here's what you get:
America's favorite tomato for the home garden! This indeterminate plant is renowned for its vigor, ease of growth, and disease resistance, but we love it because the fruit is so yummy! Big red fruits reach 4 inches in diameter, resist cracking, and arise very generously all summer long. Pkt is 30 seeds.
An easy-to-grow, early-maturing, very heavy-bearing cherry that continues all season on vigorous vines. Nectar always wins taste tests, and we think you'll love these ultra-sweet little bites of goodness! Pkt is 10 seeds.
Home gardeners simply swear by this all-natural seaweed growth enhancer. Spray it right onto the foliage of tomato plants and watch them take off! And it contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients, so the organic gardener will love it too. A single pouch makes 250 gallons of solution.
A 16-foot roll of rubber-coated wire that you can cut to just the desired length needed to secure tomato stems to fences, cages, and other supports, with no damage to delicate plant stems! Use it for tomatoes, clematis, roses, and more!
When the harvest floods in, any time-saving device that works well is worth its weight in gold, and Core-it is one of the very best! No more making delicate knife cuts; with this easy-grip little gadget, you just scoop out the hull of strawberries and remove the core of tomatoes (and other fruits and veggies) with a single swooping motion! Easy to clean and lasts forever.
Simply place the tomato into the holder and it guides the knife to create micro-thin slices, each one exactly the same size as all the others. Want larger slabs? Cut every other slice instead! Easy and quick, it also works with other veggies and fruits. Wish we'd had this nifty device years ago!