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Here's what you get:
The trusted name in canning and the perfect size jar for your vegetables, sauces, jams, and more! Five inches high, these 16.9-ounce (500 ml) jars have a wide 3-inch diameter mouth, vacuum seals, and metal ring lids. Set of 4.
The ideal all-purpose stirring and pouring spoon for your whole harvest! Distinctive red accents.
Heat resistant and dishwasher safe, these metal tongs feature rubbery grips to hold hot jars safely while canning.
Stainless steel construction and wide bowl make for easier pouring! Fill jars effortlessly with this lifetime kitchen tool.
Cheery pattern and durable material make these covers irresistible! Set of 12.
Personalize your harvest with these adhesive-backed labels, which allow plenty of space for identifying all your canned goods. Set of 12.
Secure jar covers easily and effectively with these stretchy bands. Set of 20.