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Here's what you get:
70 days. Indeterminate Short-internode (ISI). Every garden needs one big, showstopping beefsteak tomato, and Park's Beefy Boy is here to provide that for you. The flavor is so rich and powerful, with more solids and less gel than most others. If you're used to store-bought tomatoes, you haven't tasted anything until you twist your first Beefy Boy off the vine and take a bite! Pkt is 15 seeds.
75 days. Indeterminate. Vine-ripened or cluster tomatoes are all the rage these days, and the truth is, their size is perfect for so many uses, from slicing to canning to saucing. Big Bunch Hybrid is the hands-down favorite, with unbeatable flavor on perfect 10-ounce red globes. Pkt is 15 seeds.
65 days. Indeterminate. For immediate gratification in the garden, you've got to grow a cherry. Only one really satisfies both criteria" sweet flavor and high yields. Nectar Hybrid is a breed apart from those rock-hard, tasteless cherry tomatoes you find in stores. It's sweet, it's tangy, it's got a nice blend of gels and solids . . . and it arises in big bunches of 18 to 20 all season long on vigorous plants. This is the one to tempt vegetable-phobe children with, and to enjoy well into fall, when others have packed up for the season. Pkt is 10 seeds.
65 days. Indeterminate. Park's Whopper has been America's favorite home-grown tomato for decades, and it's easy to see why. Its powerful disease resistance capability means that even first-time tomato gardeners can be successful with the Whopper -- NOT a claim every popular variety can make, by any means! Everything about the Whopper is just a little better: its ease of growth, its long season, its generous production. And then there's its flavor . . . You will love this classic! Pkt is 30 seeds.