Collections Itemized

Here's what you get:
45 days. A super-quick looseleaf, Green Ice is savoyed for extra texture and hold as well as great flavor. It refuses to bolt in unseasonable heat, making it a favorite for the south and west. Pkt is 600 seeds.
60 days. It's the classic name in Romaine lettuce, and now you can grow it right at home! The long, beautifully textured leaves are slightly savoyed and packed with flavor and texture. Ready in just 2 months, it's the one you will turn to again and again for mouth-watering salads! Pkt is 200 seeds.
Our own hand-selected blend of the best! In this mix you get 4 loose-leaves, 1 butterhead (Boston), and 1 Romaine: Brunia, Simpson Elite, Green Ice, Buttercrunch, Sierra, and Red Sails. It's a collection within a collection! Pkt is 600 seeds.
50 days, or 30 for baby greens. The All-America Selection winner everyone wants to grow! This is an oakleaf (looseleaf) type with fresh, tasty green leaves and a vigorous growth habit. Compact enough to grow in a flowerpot, but the yields are huge! Pkt is 1,000 seeds.
Another one selected right here at Park! So many gardeners tell us that their lettuce season seems to be getting shorter every year that we decided to choose the most heat-tolerant varieties and put them into one economical mix. You get 7 different varieties, all guaranteed not to bolt at the first breath of summer heat! Pkt is 600 seeds.