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It's a whole new day for Begonia! Part Angel Wing, part Fibrous Begonia, this unique Begonia is the quickest-blooming, largest, most vigorous ever grown. The rich crimson-red blooms, 2½ inches wide and oval-shaped, arise in clusters among handsome green foliage, oversized, glossy, and nicely pointed. Perfect for mass planting, edging, and containers of all kinds. Pkt is 15 seeds.
(Angel Wing Begonia) No other Begonia has caused the stir that Dragon Wing has, and once you grow this delightful, super-vigorous plant, you will join the chorus of praise! The best Begonia for baskets, windowboxes, and even bedding that we have ever grown, Dragon Wing Pink offers bright pink blooms in big, loose clusters that peer downward from among huge, glossy, wing-shaped leaves. Perfect for a hanging basket, terrace, or other high point, the flowers show to full effect when seen from below. And the plant is bushy and full, seeming to burst its bounds when confined to a container, yet never sprawling. Gleaming with vigor, it blooms in summer in full sun (in the north) to partial shade (in the south), tolerating extreme heat beautifully. The flower color changes a bit depending on the light -- in bright sunlight it is pink with a rose reverse, but in shade it glows a lighter pink. Pkt is 10 seeds.
(Tuberous Begonia) Everyone loves gorgeous, high-performing, colorful Non-Stops. They're easy to grow, bursting into bloom just 4 to 5 months from sowing, and containing a large number of double, semi-double, and crested forms for an even greater show! The 10-inch plants boast a compact habit and spectacular dark green foliage, but once they begin to bloom in early summer, you won't see beyond the dazzling 2½- to 4-inch flowers! Perfect accents in the shade, they are versatile enough for containers or garden culture. Pkt is 10 seeds.
(Wax Leaf Begonia) Add a rainbow of Pizzazz to the shade garden with this mix of all 4 colors! The bright, clear blooms of deep rose, white, pink and blazing red simply crowd atop compact, vigorous plants. From early summer till hard frost, the flowers just keep coming, making Pizzazz the unrivalled favorite for bedding! At 8 to 10 inches tall and wide, these uniform, mounded plants are just the right size for the border or for edging, but they really excell in a mass garden bed planting. The 1 1/2-inch blooms arise all over the plants -- right down to the ground on all sides! And face up and out for maximum show! The large, waxy green foliage is attractive, too -- though it may vanish beneath the blooms. Plant Pizzazz in full to partial shade and begin enjoying months of clear, ultra-bright color! Pkt is 150 seeds.
(Traiing Begonia) This trailing Begonia has been beguiling gardeners for just a few seasons now, but already it is a classic in many landscapes! The blooms are wide open and bright among large, serrated, dark green leaves. They cascade from hanging baskets, self-cleaning and repeat-blooming from late spring all the way to frost. Very tolerant of heat and drought, this Begonia truly goes through the summer without dropping a leaf! Pkt is 10 seeds.