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Here's what you get:
80 days. Unique bright purple blooms signal the arrival of a bumper crop of sweet, succulent 7-inch beans! This French climber bears continuously until frost, its pods rounded, straight, and stringless on vigorous 5- to 6-foot vines. Tender, tasty, and so prolific! Pkt is 50 seeds.
75 days. Super-quick and utterly delicious, this Nantes type offers straight, blunt-ended dark orange carrots with almost no core and plenty of crisp, crunchy texture. Harvest when the roots are about 6 inches long for best flavor, and enjoy the lush, leafy green tops too! Pkt is 200 seeds.
50 days. Extra early and packed with crisp texture and sweet flavor, this semi-bush variety is ideal for anything from baby gherkins to full-sized spears. Bright white fruit with very few black spines. Superior germination rate. Pkt is 30 seeds.
60 days. This dinosaur or Tuscan kale looks as remarkable as it tastes! Harvest the long, slender, crinkled leaves at just 6 inches for baby greens, or let them reach maturity at up to 2 feet long! As they grow, they turn from pale gray-green to nearly black, with terrific texture as well as rich flavor. Pkt is 100 seeds.
65 days. It's the must-have blend of colors, shapes, and fabulous flavors! This exclusive blend brings you mini bell peppers in all the bright, hard-to-find colors and forms. Perfect for snacking, appetizers, garnishes, and stuffing. The more plants you grow, the wider the variety of looks in this gourmet blend. Pkt is 25 seeds.
6 truly unusual and interesting varieties, all distinctively different and all indeterminate! If you love the fascinating forms and rich, full flavor of heirloom Tomatoes, this is the mix you MUST grow! Aunt Ruby's German Green (85-90 days) is a large beefsteak on indeterminate vines. When fully ripe it will be a light green color with a tint of yellow and a faint pink blush. The fruit is 12 to 16 ounces, very sweet and spicy with a succulent bite like no other. Big Rainbow (80-102 days) is an indeterminate variety hailing from Pol County, Minnesota. Enormous, heavily ribbed fruits of gold with streaks of red, not only on the skin but right through the flesh, too, weigh in at up to 2 pounds. Black from Tula (75-85 days) is a Russian variety with the largest black Tomatoes ever grown. These fruits are 4 to 5 inches in diameter and slightly flattened (8 to 12 ounces on average). They're actually deep mahogany-brown to purple, often with green shoulders. The rich, smoky flavor of this Tomato is amazing! And the plants set fruit well in hot weather, making them a great choice for the south and southwest. Rare! Brandywine Red (80-100 days) sets fruit weighing up to 2 pounds, with incredible flavor. Cherokee Purple (80-100 days) offers slightly flattened fruit, about 10 to 12 ounces, colored a purple-brown-pink combination with green gel until it ripens. Full of old-fashioned "real tomato" flavor! Dixie Golden Giant (85-100 days) is a very mild, sweet Tomato, superb for slicing. Rich golden-yellow fruit can get up to 2 or even 2½ pounds on very vigorous vines. An Amish family has been growing this variety since the 1930s! Pkt is 30 seeds.