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One of the earliest June-bearing strawberries, Earliglow offers firm, sweet, exceptionally tasty mid-sized fruit on cold-hardy plants adaptable from the northeast all the way to the deep South! Among the best-flavored varieties, it is very versatile -- delicious fresh and also one of the finest for freezing or making into preserves. Trouble-free plants are resistant to leaf scorch, red stele, and Verticillium wilt. A trusted favorite that never disappoints, Earliglow is the strawberry of choice for gardeners across the U.S.! Zones 5-9.
Eversweet is a fitting name for this everbearing strawberry, which produces its first crop of exceptionally sweet and flavorful fruit in spring and then subsequent crops at six week intervals throughout the summer and into fall. Tolerant of temperatures well above 100 degrees F with no loss of fruit quality! 8 to 10 inches high and 8 to 12 inches wide. Zones 5-8.
Beginning its crop about 2 weeks after Earliglow, it keeps going over a long season. Many people consider Jewel the finest of all the June-bearers, and we agree that its large, sweet, firm fruit is unbeatable, as its trouble-free garden presence! Zones 4-8.