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The classic name in green asparagus, a reliably heavy producer of deliciouis spears! Jersey Supreme bears early in the season, bringing you at least 10 pounds of gourmet goodness every year, beginning the second from planting! (No "a few spears here, a few spears there" seasons!) These all-male plants concentrate on bearing fruit rather than seeds, which increases their yields. Super cold-hardy, they can also tolerate short periods of drought, and will bear for 15 years or more. Zones 2-9.
Purple asparagus has been with us for centuries, but it took fine British breeding to bring this delicious variety into home gardens! A mid- to late-season bearer, it makes the perfect succession planting to Jersey Supreme. These extra-thick spears are succulent, with a mild, buttery, nutty flavor you will love. Boasting 20% more sugar than green asparagus, they are sweeter and more delicious than you can imagine. Cut any spears that emerge the second year, harvesting your first full crop the third year from planting. Bears dependably for more than a decade! Zones 3-9.