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Here's what you get:
75 days. Super-quick and utterly delicious, this Nantes type offers straight, blunt-ended dark orange carrots with almost no core and plenty of crisp, crunchy texture. Harvest when the roots are about 6 inches long for best flavor, and enjoy the lush, leafy green tops too!
62 days. Pushing its deep orange shoulders up to the surface days and even weeks sooner than most others, Nantes is an exceptionally sweet variety just made for slicing! The 6- to 7-inch roots are firm, straight, and not tapered, with inconspicuous cores and plenty of tender, crisp, and ultra-sweet flavor in every bite.
75 days. Full of cancer-fighting Lycopene, these carrots look as good as they taste! Super-nutritious and made for cooking, Atomic Red offers tapered roots 8 to 11 inches long. They are dull pink until you cook them -- then they turn brilliant scarlet!