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Small leaves of bright spring green on a very bushy, dwarf 12-inch-high plant. Great in containers as well as the sunny annual bed, this is a highly aromatic, strongly flavored variety that may be harvested leaf by leaf or whole-plant. Be sure to harvest before the flowers open, pinching off the first buds to prolong the season of foliage.
Well-branched, bushy, and super-fragrant, this Italian variety offers terrific taste on pointed leaves that regrow quickly from cutting. Pinch to keep small in containers, or let it reach its full 12- to 18-inch height in the garden. A perennial, it can be harvested for at least 5 years. Brilliant two-tone purple blooms in late summer. Zones 5-10.
Just 10 to 12 inches high and wide, this compact parsley grows quickly and branches well. An Italian type with large, lightly cut, succulent leaves, it is ideal for cuisine.