Collections Itemized

Here's what you get:
Angelonia Serena Mix is the newest member of this collection, and we are delighted to add it to the roster of favorites! When the Serenas were introduced a few years ago, there had never been an Angelonia from seed available to the home gardener. Suddenly everyone could (and did!) grow these long-blooming, beautiful annuals effortlessly in pots and garden beds. This mix contains all the soft pastel shades of the Serena series, certain to keep your sunny garden colorful for months over summer. Pkt is 10 seeds.
Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose, the 2010 AAS-winning double-flowered variety that rose to fame when it was planted for the Beijing Olympics . . . and looked great despite punishing heat and humidity that sent other varieties shriveling to the ground! These white blooms are kissed with a generous central splash of rosy pink, and really stand out on glorious bedding plants. Pkt is 25 seeds.
Zinnia Park's Pick Mix, our all-time bestselling variety, with tall, long-lasting, uber-colorful double blooms in every color of the rainbow, just made for cutting! Your vases will thank you -- and no plant is easier to grow in the sunny garden than Zinnia! Just direct-sow when the soil warms in spring, and you're off and running! Pkt is 50 seeds.
Zinnia Profusion Sunrise Mix holds a special place in our hearts because it was designed by our customers! A few seasons back we decided to create a mix of our ultra-popular Profusion bedding series, and we asked our customers to try a few blends. They voted on their favorite, and the result was Sunrise, a cheery mix of yellow, orange, red, and white! Pkt is 25 seeds.
Gaillardia Arizona Sun is the award-winning perennial that changed the way gardeners grew Blanket Flowers from seed! It needs no vernalization period, so you get flowers in just a couple months from a spring sowing! Now there are several more in the series, but our favorite (and Park gardeners' across the country!) remains beautiful Arizona Sun. Pkt is 25 seeds.
Coneflower PowWow Wildberry did for Echinacea what Arizona Sun did for Gaillardia -- made it possible to enjoy blooms of this perennial the very first year from seed! If you sow Wildberry in January indoors, then transplant it in spring, you'll get a big ol' crop of drop-dead gorgeous flowers the very first summer . . . and for many years afterwards! Pkt is 10 seeds.
Petunia Purple Wave Improved sounds like a joke, because how can you improve the perfection that is the Wave?! Yet they've done it, with bigger flowers, more of them, and a season that begins a full week earlier! Purple is the bestselling Petunia Wave of all -- and that's really saying something! -- and this improvement will just keep those beautiful hanging baskets, windowboxes, and patio tubs blooming longer and better! Pkt is 10 seeds.
Marigold Park's Whopper Mix offers the biggest, most fully double African Marigolds we have ever grown -- 4 inches across! -- in bright shades of yellow, gold, and orange. Our Whopper Marigolds are always crowd-pleasers, and we think that this mix goes over the top with the wow factor! Pkt is 25 seeds.
Sunflower Van Gogh Mix is the blend of colors and forms we dreamed of: singles, doubles, yellows and golds and reds and browns on uniform 5- to 7-foot plants. Big faces, smaller faces, and all of them dazzlingly beautiful in garden and vase. Pkt is 25 seeds.
Morning Glory Split Second is a comparative newcomer to the garden, but has already become a favorite of gardeners from one end of the country to the other. These giant double blooms of rosy-pink brushed with white resemble peonies and are simply breathtaking in the sunny garden. If you haven't seen it yet, you won't believe it when the flowers begin opening all over this once-humble vine! Pkt is 20 seeds.