Collections Itemized

Here's what you get:
Soft ivory tones make the frilly yellow center stand out. Complements every other color in the garden.
A light but intense shade of yellow that always reminds us of Sulphur Cosmos.
One of the most beautiful flower colors in the garden! Infused with amber and honey, this richly hued bloom will not fade.
Are we allowed to have favorites? If so, this All-America Selection winner takes top honors in the Profusion Doubles for us! The lower petals are a rich salmon-pink, shading to deep orange and gold at the top.
Deep orange to watermelon-red petals almost glow on these lovely blooms, making the bright yellow center of each bloom pop magnificently!
The very first double-flowered Profusion out of the gate, it remains a beloved favorite to us. When they open, the flowers are a hot-pink shade of red, sort of like an old-fashioned lipstick. As they mature, they turn lilac-pink. Be sure to plant every seed in the packet -- you'll want to see the plants in all stages of beauty at once!
So neon-bright it looks spray-painted on, the color of these petals combines bright red, magenta, and hot pink, all surrounding a gumdrop-shaped yellow eye! Of course it won an All-America Selection the year it was introduced; how could it not?!