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Here's what you get:
5 days. Delightful crunchy texture and sweet flavor! Very high in protein, alfalfa sprouts also contain large amounts of vitamin K and a smaller percentage of vitamin C. Trace elements of potassium and calcium contribute to the overall nutritional value of this sprout. If you were to eat a whole cup of alfalfa sprouts, you would get 13 grams of protein and just 8 calories! Packet is 1 ounce, which is at least 10,000 seeds.
3 to 5 days. One of the most nutritious vegetables in the world. Compared to mature broccoli, broccoli sprouts have 50 TIMES AS MUCH SULFURAPHANE, a naturally-occurring plant chemical that serves as an anti-oxidant. Do yourself a favor -- and satisfy the desire for crunchy, delicious fresh veggies! -- by growing this super-quick sprout! Packet is 1/2 ounce, which is at least 3,000 seeds.
3 days. The original bean sprout, enjoyed in the Far East for more than 5000 years, Mung contains far more nutrition when grown as a sprout than if allowed to mature into a bean plant. You will love the hearty, meaty flavor. Ready in just a few days! Packet is 2 ounces, which is at least 700 seeds.
5 days. One of the most nutritious sprouts you can grow, watercress is a peppery, ultra-fresh little micro-green. A relative of mustard greens, watercress sprouts have a tangy flavor that perks up any dish! Packet is approximately 3200 seeds.