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Yucca Color Guard

Yucca 'Color Guard'

Thrives even in harsh environments!

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Plant Patent #9,393. One of the most exciting horticultural innovations from Japan, this evergreen variegated Yucca combines luminous white and cream against a background of glaucous green. It is the ideal choice for a year-round accent of color and architectural form, even in harsh northern climates or water-starved areas.

The foliage reaches 3 to 4 feet tall on 'Color Guard,' each sharply pointed spike striped in bright yellow. The habit is upright and arching, so this Yucca grows more beautiful with each passing year, forming a full, fountainous accent or border plant!

As charming as 'Color Guard's year-round foliage is, it's not the whole story of this plant's beauty. In summer, a thick, sturdy 5-foot spike arises from the center of the plant, filled with large, bell-shaped white flowers. They open from the bottom up, keeping the plant in fresh blooms for many weeks! A magnificent sight, this is the crowning glory of 'Color Guard'!

And this Yucca is easy to grow, even in stressful garden conditions. It doesn't mind very long dry spells (once it's established in the garden; pamper it the first two seasons to get its root system established), it thrives in the north where some other Yuccas fail, and it tolerates wind, heat, and humidity nicely. Plant in full sun and well-drained soil wherever your garden needs a focal point, and enjoy its rich display of color for many years to come! Zones 5-10.