Colorado Rose Potato

Colorado Rose Potato

Early, High Yielding, and Delicious!

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80 days from direct-sowing.

Looking for an early-maturing, superior red potato with terrific disease resistance and nice big yields? You have found it! Developed from Cherry Red by Colorado State University, Colorado Rose is simply better in terms of earliness, yields, and flavor!

Colorado Rose was developed to improve on the deep eyes of the favorite red Sangre. It is much smoother, with red skin and white flesh. Perfect for roasting, mashing, and boiling, it is easy to peel and stores well.

These plants simply take off in the garden! Semi-erect, they sport purple blooms in spring, followed by the spuds in summer. More than 2 weeks earlier than some older varieties, Colorado Rose is a great get-up-and-grow choice in any climate, and is ideal in short growing seasons, where other varieties sometimes cannot mature before the cold weather arrives.

Colorado Rose is resistant to hollow heart, second growth, and bruising. It keeps its color well when stored. Set the plants about a foot apart for dense coverage, and get ready for a bumper crop!