Colorful Pepper Seeds

As lovely as they are delicious

Colorful peppers grown from seed help you serve up beautiful dishes for family gatherings and mealtimes. The lively pigments of these peppers enhance the look of your autumn and summertime table. Colorful pepper seeds are easy to grow, too. They germinate easily and pepper plants acclimate to your outdoor soil and conditions with vigor after the threat of frost has passed. Be sure to harden off the sprouts before planting outdoors.

Pepper plants are so colorful and lively looking you could grow them solely as ornamentals indoors. But we crave that harvest. Colorful peppers grown from seed are abundant producers of fruit and such versatile vegetables. Did you know that colorful foods can promote good health? Colorful peppers, fruits, and vegetables are rich in natural bioactive compounds call phytochemicals. Research shows that the most vibrantly colored vegetables and fruit are the richest in antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Phytonutrients are also reputed to make a plant’s natural immune system better. A win for you and your garden.

Colorful peppers also have unique flavors. Check out the product details for flavor profiles and Scoville (heat) scale ratings. In the kitchen, colorful peppers can’t be beat for their versatility. You can stir fry, grill, steam, pickle, and can them for a bright and flavorful addition to your favorite dishes. Or try a new recipe with colorful peppers grown from seed and harvested from your garden. They will pack a flavor punch and bolster your gardening satisfaction. Colorful peppers stuffed and served as a main course on fine china, halved pepper boats smeared with soft cheese and spices casually circulated as an appetizer, or as a side to your sizzling fajitas feasted upon around the picnic table, colorful peppers grown from seed have a virtually endless list of gastronomic possibilities.

Everything tastes better fresh from the garden and grown by your hand, and colorful peppers are no exception. Maybe it’s the taste of a job well-done.