Blackberry Columbia Star

Blackberry 'Columbia Star'

Tops for Flavor and Yields!

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Big yields of top-quality blackberries are a yearly event with this easy-to-grow thornless shrub!

Store-bought blackberries have a rubbery consistency and little no sweetness, but Columbia Star is a flavor revelation! Succulent and soft, these large dark purple berries are bursting with sugars and acids, for a bite that is both tart and sweet! And with yields like these, you'll have plenty of opportunity to sample just how good Columbia Star is!

Developed in Oregon by the USDA, this trailing, thornless cultivar is disease resistant and very amendable to hot weather and mild winters. All it asks is an annual prune to continue growing and bearing its best!

Find a sunny spot, offer some support for the long, productive canes, and get ready for the harvest of your gardening life with Columbia Star!