Columbine Seeds & Plants

Airy and Enchanting

Known for their spurred petals, Aquilegia (aka Columbine or Granny's Bonnet) flowers are a gorgeous member of the Ranunculus family. The nodding, spurred blooms make an enchanting scene when they dance upon the wind. Unlike wild Columbine, our Aquilegia plants and seeds grow fast and bloom uniformly and reliably in showy displays, boasting exceptional traits like double forms or elongated petals and spurs. Aquilegia is very easy to grow and care for. They aren't particularly fussy about soil, growing well in loamy to sandy areas. Since they originate from dry regions, they're an ideal choice for alpine, rock, and woodland gardens. They also take well to containers and foundations, so they're quite versatile. Plus, they've proven themselves to have a high frost tolerance.