Compost Wizard Starter Kit

Compost Wizard Starter Kit

Kick-start Your Compost Heap!

Item # 34900
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An economical collection of everything you need to start composting efficiently and effectively! Start turning garden waste and kitchen scraps into enriched matter for your soil . . and never buy packaged fertilizer or soil enhancements again!

With no assembly required, the 7 cubic feet of tumbling composter sits on a wheeled base with easy-turn handles. When it's time to add the compost to your garden, no lifting is needed -- just roll the composter across the garden to the desired spot! The dark color allows the compost to readily absorb the sun's heat and therefore break down more efficiently.

And in this collection, you also get a kitchen pail for accumulating all those vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and fruit cores, along with several packets of all-natural coconut coir and compost acceleration enzymes. Everything you need for months of successful composting is contained here -- at a terrific "bundle it all together and save" price!