Coneflower Seeds & Plants

Drought tolerant and heavy blooming

Coneflowers, or echinacea, have been a standard of the perennial bed for generations. Easy to grow and long-lived, the coneflower has a very hardy nature, proving resistant to environmental stresses, including heat and humidity to cold — plus they are also drought tolerant. This is an important trait, as our seasons and climates are shifting. Coneflowers are impervious to most pests and diseases as well. Plus, while the color selection of echinacea was limited and not very eye-catching, those days are gone! 

Coneflowers today are sending up blooms in summer in a range of colors — pink, white, yellow, orange and more! The bright and vibrant colors will be a sight to see in your perennial bed. Another trait of some of the newer varieties is an increase of branching, giving the gardener more flowers. No deadheading is necessary to keep the blooms coming.

More good news: Coneflower seeds are easy to grow, and you will have blooms the first year! Get out your Bio Dome (or buy your seed starter kit with your seeds today) and make growing coneflowers even easier. In just a few short weeks, you’ll be transplanting your echinacea plants into the garden in full sun, where you will enjoy them for years to come.

These plants are popular flowers for pollinators as well. With their sturdy stems and wide landing space, they are a favorite for larger butterflies. Keep a few flower heads for yourself and use them in dried flower arrangements. If you don’t deadhead, this winter you will be watching the birds, especially goldfinches, enjoy eating the echinacea seeds from the cones. This is a truly lovely, trouble-free perennial for the sunny garden!