Confetti Garden Pineapple Punch Combination (pack of 3)

Confetti Garden Pineapple Punch Combination (pack of 3)

Lovely Accents of White, Yellow, and Gold!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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Love daffodil colors and wish they could continue all spring, summer, and even fall? Well, with Confetti Garden Pineapple Punch, they can! This combination of 9 plants (3 per 4-inch pot) features a soft yellow Petunia, a bold gold Bidens, and a floriferous white Verbena. The result is stunning beauty that just won't quit!

All of the annuals in this combination are long-blooming, very tolerant of heat, humidity, drought, and magnets for butterflies. They love sunshine, thrive in containers of all kinds, and don't mind a bit of rough weather -- anything from late-afternoon thunderstorms to long periods of drought. In short, they grow and bloom reliably for months on end, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you this summer! And in temperate and warmer climates, they continue right into autumn without dropping a petal!

Petunia Potunia® Plus Yellow is a series renowned for its performance in flowerpots, as its name suggests. What it really does well is stand up to humidity and bounce back fast from rain, making it a great choice for southern and midwestern climates. This plant reaches about 10 inches high an 18 inches wide, with self-cleaning blooms you will never ever have to deadhead! Hummingbirds love these flowers too, competing with the butterflies for sips of nectar!

Bidens Bidy Gonzales™ offers masses of tiny yellow-gold daisies banked by tiny, deeply cut leaves. This is a mounded plant, about 12 inches high and somewhat wider, that simply flowers nonstop from late spring until the middle of fall. It is densely clothed in green foliage right to the stem, so it makes a great "filler" subject, offering green and gold beauty anywhere it is planted.

Verbena Empress® Flair White, on the other hand, is a trailing plant, its flower-packed stems reaching 2 feet long on plants scarcely a foot high. These white stars arise in big, round clusters -- cut a single stem and you have a gorgeous nosegay of flowers for a bud vase or small jar! The flowers begin in late spring and continue well into fall on super-tough plants that deer tend to leave alone and bad weather cannot faze. The small olive-green leaves make a nice counterpart to the gleaming white blooms, but at the height of the season, you won't see the foliage for all the petal power!

This combination includes one plant each of Petunia Potunia Plus Yellow, Empress Flair White Verbena, and Bidens Bidy Gonzales. Contains three 4-inch pots (9 plants in all).

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