Peppers for Containers

Find pepper seeds for your container garden

Yes, you can grow pepper plants in containers, and we highly recommend it. In addition to the expansive pepper plants you may have in the garden, you are going to appreciate these container pepper varieties, too. The attractive container pepper fruits spring from the plant in a colorful display. You can select from hot peppers, sweet peppers, and ornamental peppers in an array of shapes.

This selection of pepper seeds is ideal for container growing due to the smaller growth habit and size at maturity. We have collected container peppers that grow petite in width and shorter in height to accommodate their happy and healthy growth in the contained environment. You might be surprised by the variety of flavors you can choose from as well as the unexpected colors. Check the specific pepper's page for information about flavors so you can grow just the right container pepper seeds for your ornamental or edible garden. You are sure to become a fan of container peppers for growing in your small space garden.