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Container Vegetable Seeds

No garden space? Grow your garden in a container.

If you live where there is no garden, don’t think you can’t grow fresh vegetables. Almost every vegetable can be successfully grown in a container. Not only that, but many vegetable varieties are specifically developed for growing in containers. These smaller plant versions take up less space, but still grow the full-sized vegetables. Think of your containers as mini raised beds. As long as your container has space for roots to develop (which is especially important if you want to grow root crops like carrots and beets), your plants will thrive.

Even if your only space to garden is the balcony of your apartment, you can grow lots of veggies. Fill your containers and pots with potting soil and start planting container vegetable seeds. It won’t be long before you are enjoying fresh food from your non-traditional garden. To expand the amount of food you can grow, consider vertical vegetable gardening and suspend pots on the wall or purchase a growing tower with pockets for individual plants.

If you want to grow a salad garden, start with a pot each for lettuce, pepper and tomato plants. Don’t forget the herbs! Plant some basil seeds with your tomato. Consider planting container vegetables like Swiss Chard, which grows new shoots to replace the ones you picked. Use a window box and fill it with vining container vegetables that can grow downward instead of climbing up. Plant something fun and unexpected like fingerling potatoes.

Growing vegetables in containers is fun and easy, and the best part is the delicious food you will enjoy fresh from your container garden.