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Cool Season Vegetable Seeds

Grow your vegetables all year round.

Do you wish your garden could grow fresh veggies year round? Depending on your growing zone, it is very possible. At the very least, you will be able to extend the season with these cool season vegetables.

While heat-loving plants like tomatoes won’t tolerate the cold weather, there are lots of vegetable plants that not only tolerate the cold, but they thrive. This means that you will be able to continue growing in the winter – and for those gardeners who live in the colder zones, you will be able to plant in cold soil and air temperatures of early spring and continue growing even when there is frost or early snow. Most vegetable gardeners feel that the longer the garden is producing, the better.

Some of the first vegetable seeds that can be planted directly in the cold soil temperatures are peas and spinach. In fact, many northern gardeners plant their spinach seeds in the late fall so that as soon as the frost is out of the soil, they will start to grow. Other cool weather vegetables like brassicas will do better if started indoors and then transplanted to the garden in the early spring or in the fall. Some of the brassicas not only survive the cold but the flavor is improved by the cold. Kale and Brussels sprouts taste sweeter after a frost, which converts starch to sugar. Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage prefer the cooler temperatures also and won’t do so well if grown in the summer heat. Most of these cool weather vegetables can be grown in the spring garden and then a second crop in the fall, extending the season. If you live in the warmer growing zones, grow through the winter.