Exclusive Indoor/Outdoor Copper String Lights

Exclusive Indoor/Outdoor Copper String Lights

The perfect addition to any decorative display!

80-inch LED Lights
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Are you tired of the traditional string of lights? They're all so long, get tangled and have to be plugged into the wall. Talk about a headache. This string of lights is just 80" long, the perfect length for a variety of decorative uses, plus the lights are battery powered, so you can put them just about anywhere!

This isn't just your traditional string of lights. These coated copper wire can be manipulated, but holds the shape you want, so you don't have to worry about the lights getting tangled in garland, or slipping off of a wreath. The small size of the bulbs makes for a soft light, adding a rustic and warm ambience to any room.

Wrap this strand of lights around garland, dress up a wreath, or place them in a glass container for a whimsical effect. And since these lights are battery powered, there's no need to place them near an outlet. They're make for the perfect holiday centerpiece, wowing your guests. Batteries not included.