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Allure (bicolor) Sweet Corn Seeds

Allure (bicolor) Sweet Corn Seeds

Gourmet flavor, tender texture

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
Item # 52875-PK-P1
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Days to Maturity: 79 from direct sow

Succulent bicolor ears are packed with rich, sweet taste!

You will never find Allure corn in the supermarket and possibly not even at gourmet fresh markets, because this sweet corn is so tender that it must be harvested by hand and should not be packed for transport. Pick it fresh from your own garden and eat it within hours—you won't believe the quality of flavor and texture that corn can achieve when grown and harvested like this.

Allure earns its name: one bite will hook you! This traditional sweet corn sets 8-inch ears with a mix of yellow and white kernels. They are filled right to the tip, giving you an extra nibble from every ear.

This corn reaches 6 to 6½ feet tall, with ears set along the stalk beginning at about 2 feet off the ground. They are very well wrapped, keeping the flavor and texture tightly protected throughout the growing process. And the plants are mildly tolerant of Stewart's wilt and rust, so you know you will get big crops every time.

Less fussy about warm soil and heavy feeding than super sweet hybrids, regular sweet corn should be planted at least 400 feet from super sweets (they tend to reduce the flavor of super sweets if cross-pollinated). If this is not possible, sow the two types at least a month apart.

Sow after last spring frost, when the soil is warm. Corn is famously easy to direct-sow in any sunny spot. To extend your corn harvest, make successive plantings weekly up to mid-July, or plant varieties with differing maturity dates.