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Devotion Hybrid Sweet Corn Seeds

(P) Pkt of 200 seeds
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Pearly white kernels that are sugar sweet

Days to Maturity: 82

A beautiful white and delicious sweet corn. One of the most high quality corn with 8 inch ears with a nice husk. Sow after last spring frost, when the soil is warm. Corn is famously easy to direct-sow in any sunny spot. To extend your corn harvest, make successive plantings weekly up to mid-July, or plant varieties with differing maturity dates.

Side dress your corn plants with a high-nitrogen fertilizer.Harvest your sweet corn once the silks have dried—this will be approximately 3 weeks after silking.

Harvesting: break the stem of the ear (shank) close to the ear. Avoid breaking the main stock or tearing the stem from the stalk. Just hold the ear near the base and bend it down sharply. You can also bend it to the side.

You can expect at least one ear (sometimes more) from each stalk. In order to maintain the sugar content you will want to refrigerate your sweet corn right away.

Plants grow to 15 feet tall by 3 feet wide with long, strap-shaped green leaves. It is grown for the sweet corn that is eaten fresh (it also cans and freezes well) and for the dried kernels that become popcorn. Harvest sweet corn when the silks have dried; harvest popcorn when the stalks have dried. Sweet corn cobs are also used as animal silage and the stalks as fodder.


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Genus Zea
Species mays
Item Form (P) Pkt of 200 seeds
Days to Maturity 82
Seeds Per Pack 200
Plant Height 8 in
Additional Characteristics Edible
Foliage Color Medium Green
Light Requirements Full Sun
Moisture Requirements Moist,  well-drained
Soil Tolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Cuisine

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August 06, 2019

Great White Sweet Corn

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

This corn came out great for me, sweet and juicy. Now enjoying my 2nd planting. My first planting(2 rows) in a 3’x8’ garden box yield 24 ears. For 4 straight days, picked 6 ears each day for dinner for 2. I highly recommend it. image1.jpeg

TWA from MD

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