Cosmos Xsenia

Cosmos Xsenia

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The Cosmos Xsenia is a beautiful flower with colors of orange and pink that change during the season. This is the perfect flower for patio or bedding. Plant this beautiful flower in spring and watch it bloom throughout summer! These well branched and compact flowers have beautiful colors that will turn heads this spring! Blooms seem to have layers on them centered around a bright and cheery yellow face.

These flowers have an antique look and have tightly arranged petals. They are very tidy looking and compact. Deadheading is required to have blooms all summer. To have stronger and thicker stems, plant the flowers with more width in between!

Simply direct-sow the seeds wherever you'd like lots of quick, long-lasting color. (You can also start them indoors, germinating at about 65 degrees. If you do this, transplant them young so they can get established as soon as the spring soil has warmed up.) A little more than 2 months after germinating, the plants are in full bloom! The flowers are great in vases too, keeping their color and holding up their heads over a long period. And the plants will thrive even in poor dry soils, making them ideal for blazing-hot trouble spots as well as beds, borders, and walkways.