Cosmos Flower Seeds

Sun-loving, multiple forms

Cosmos’ name means “beautiful” in Greek, and it earns it with every bloom! Cosmos is a sun-loving annual that comes in many forms. Cosmos seeds are easy to direct-sow into the garden or containers. Cosmos prefers poor soil — in fact, if you have a well-amended soil, your cosmos won’t do well at all. It will probably be spindly with very few flowers! This is a flower that thrives on neglect.

Cosmos has been available to gardeners for generations. The cosmos flower is particularly valued in the cottage garden. The foliage is fine and feathery, and the sturdy strong stems hold the flowers up above the foliage. The flowers are daisy-like and long blooming. Cosmos flowers come in two color paths. The original heirloom flower colors are pink, white and dark rose. There is also a color path that includes yellow, orange and red flowers. If you like intense color, this is the plant for you! These flowers are noticeable from the far reaches of the garden.

There is also a newer cosmos bipinnatus called “Cupcakes and Saucers.” This Cosmos was an accidental find. A gardener discovered this unique shaped bloom on one of her cosmos plants, and the rest is history. The petals of “Cupcakes and Saucers” turn inward, giving it the unique shape that’s very different from the usual Cosmos.

Cosmos are an essential part of the sunny annual bed. Open pollinated, cosmos produce seed that will grow true to variety, ideal for seed saving. That was why the “Cupcakes and Saucers” original plant could be reproduced relatively quickly. However, that same trait will allow the Cosmos to self seed in your garden. If you don’t want that, deadhead your flowers before they set seed. Deadheading will also encourage your plant to keep producing flowers.

Get your cosmos fix for the least-looked-after part of your garden today with Park Seed.