Cotton Macrame Plant Hanger

Cotton Macrame Plant Hanger

Vintage Charm and Unbeatable Practicality!

39 Brown/natural
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Everything old is new again! We are delighted to see the return of macrame, which was so popular in the 1970s. This macrame plant holder really demonstrates the best characteristics of the style: it is flexible (you can put anything from a 4-inch to a 12-inch pot in it, not to mention glass terrariums and other containers!), strong (durable cotton rope), and adaptable to a huge range of decors and styles!

Measuring 39 inches long when stretched out empty, this knotted-rope work of art has 4 strong supports to encircle your container. The rest of the space is open, making it ideal for trailing plants, herbs (that you want to reach in and snip off as needed!), vines, and more. The strong loop at the top makes hanging it easy, and the open weave at the bottom gives you the option of adding your own style touch (beads? knotwork?) or letting the cotton strands shimmy in the breeze.

Once you see how easy and attractive macrame plant hangers are, we predict you'll be back for more. And with their adaptable shape, you can design displays of all your favorite plants, indoors and out! Enjoy the creative beauty of this classic hanger. (Plant not included.)