Crescendo® Hybrid Tea Rose

Crescendo® Hybrid Tea Rose

Ideal for patio containers as well as the garden.

Crescendo® was developed from a stellar pedigree of two award-winning hybrids: Gemini™, a best-selling AARS winner and ARS member's choice rose, and the incredibly aromatic rose, 'New Zealand'. The strong spicy fragrance and large, dark green, super glossy foliage of Crescendo® provide a perfect ensemble of beauty, elegance, and outstanding garden performance.

Each exquisite bloom slowly opens from a pointed, ovoid bud, reaching a diameter of 4½ to 5 inches and packed with up to 40 petals. They arise mostly singly and appear in flushes throughout the season, from early summer to late summer.

This splendid hybrid tea is ideal for containers on the patio as well as growth in the rose garden or sunny border. It reaches a mature size of 5 to 6 feet and grows to around 3½ feet wide.

It should be pruned in the spring, with the removal of old canes and dead wood. Cut back canes that cross each other. Gardeners in warmer climates will want to cut the remaining canes by one-third, while those in colder climates will probably need to trim it a bit more.

The color is fresh and soft, the fragrance magnificent. Describing Crescendo®, Pat Bullard, Nashville Music Garden founder, says "The fragrance is strong enough to fill a room from a single bloom and memorable enough to never be confused with any other rose."