Crimea™ Russian Quince Tree

Crimea™ Russian Quince Tree

Fragrant Spring Blooms and Big Fall Crop!

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Strongly scented spring blooms, delicious and attractive fruit, and an easy-care habit -- this Russian Quince tree is a marvel in any season! A dwarf variety that nonetheless sets big yields, Crimea™ is a must-have for garden or patio tub . . . or both!

Reaching just 4 to 5 feet high after 10 years, this deciduous tree begins the year with a big show of pale pink blooms in mid-spring. Their aroma may remind you of orange or lemon blossoms, and you will want to cut branches for indoor arrangements, but try to resist -- the flowers turn into fruit, and you will want this fruit later!

Once the blooms have passed and Crimea™ has leafed out, it remains beautiful through summer, attracting birds and pollinators with its ripening fruit. The quinces are about the size of small apples, but a bit knobbier, and turn from pale green to bright yellow as they mature. Expect to pick them in early to mid-fall, with huge yields even on small, young trees.

Crimea™ is self-fertile, so you need plant only one (but where's the fun in that?), and this tree is impactful enough to be used as a specimen or garden focal point, despite its small size. It is also a great presence on the deck, patio, or balcony. Birds will love the fruit, so you may want to throw an anti-bird net over the tree in summer. Or you can decide to share!

Quince is used in jams and baked goods in much of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, but the tender, fruit of this tree is so delicious you will probably eat it raw! It has a pineapple-infused flavor and a crisp yet tender bite you will adore.

Crimea™ is dependably disease resistant and very heavy yielding, despite its small size. Rely on it for big crops beginning the second or third year after planting. Zones 5-9.