Crystal Blue Lithodora

Crystal Blue Lithodora

The Dreamiest Groundcover

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Lithodora is known for the brilliant contrast between its dark foliage and its bright blue flowers, and 'Crystal Blue' boast some of the largest, most impressive sky blue flowers the Genus has ever known!

Great for rock gardens or any patch of open ground, this spreading groundcover is drought tolerant, highly adaptable, and unforgettably beautiful! It needs no fertilizer to thrive, and because it is unpalatable to deer, this low-maintenance Concept Plant is sure to grace your garden for years!

Only truly revolutionary cultivars are chosen to be named a Concept Plant. This series features only plants with exceptional new color or form as well as superior adaptability, making these some of the most reliably beautiful cultivars ever grown!

Lithodora is exceptionally easy to care for. Vigorous, healthy, and generally untroubled by pests, the only conditions that can tarnish its beauty are cold snaps, which may blacken the foliage, and deep shade, which can cause the plant to grow leggy as it reaches for the light. In either case the solution is the same--just prune back the affected area to keep the plant attractive. And with such a full, vigorous plant to deal with, losing a little is not usually a problem! 1 Quart container. Zones 5 to 7.