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Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus papyrus

Perfect accent in patio containers!

(P) Pkt of 30 seeds
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Native to Africa, Cyperus papyrus is a tall, clump forming, gentle perennial sedge that features a grass like cluster of triangular green stems that rise from thick, woody rhizomes. Each stem is topped by an umbellate inflorescence of 100+ narrow arching thread-like rays (4-12 inches long). Greenish brown flower clusters appear at the ends of the rays. Flowers give way to brown, nut like fruits that your birds will love. Cyperus papyrus requires a medium amount of maintenance, but has no serious disease or pest concerns.

Cyperus Papyrus can be grown in containers, but it's primarily an aquatic plant. It grows really quickly once it starts to grow, but can take 30 + days to germinate from seed. Start indoors in Feb to March. 68 F, moist soil, seeds pressed into soil lightly. This one turns yellow with too little light, too little water, or in temps below 60 F. It can survive the winter if it's brought inside & given proper light & water. Can be planted directly into water gardens in warm environments. Cutting the tufts from the tops of the plant before seeds are formed will prevent self-seeding. Plants can be divided @ the root ball & this keeps them healthier as they are getting larger & older.