Czechmark Trilogy™ Weigela

Czechmark Trilogy™ Weigela

A Festival of Color in A Petite Package!

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This outstanding cultivar offers not one, not two, but 3 times the color impact with its red, pink and white blooms in spring. Versatile, compact and deer-resistant, there's just so many reasons to adore this new Weigela. Not only are its bloom incredibly vivid, but they are larger than the competition by far. When you plant Trilogy™ in your garden you're in for a triple treat!

This Weigela is known for its easy maintenance - it can be used for a border, edging, container, or en mass. It is also an excellent screening plant - make privacy beautiful! Since it is not fussy about its soil, it can be planted in many zones. Plant it in full sun to get the best show from its beautiful blooms.

Zones 4-8. Partial to Full Sun. Height: 36-42 inches. Width: 36-42 inches.